When different people provide evidence of visions about the same great event, these may naturally differ, and may include different messages and different meanings. For the ancient Chinese, behind the prophecies there are gods who wish to convey a message: certain people would be allowed to establish a connection with other spaces and serve as a connecting thread between the gods and human society. The gods would then channel their visions of the past or the future through these people. These visions can reflect, not only events on our Earth, but also things that happened or will happen in other spaces since, according to the Chinese sages, the great events of our world are a reflection of the changes of celestial phenomena. Before these events actually occur in the human world, we are only allowed to perceive them on a metaphorical or diffuse level.

«Völuspá, the prophecy of the visionary«, is a famous poem from northern Europe (Germany and the Scandinavian peninsula). As with other epic tales, the details of its origin are impossible to confirm. It is believed to have been written during the Viking Age, before Christianity came to northern Europe; although it could also have been written earlier. The poem tells the story of the formation, destruction and regeneration of the universe.

His description of the creation of the universe is remarkably similar to the Chinese account of the giant deity Pan Gu who created Heaven and Earth. In the beginning, there was chaos, then the gods appeared, followed by humans – including giants and dwarves, until only present-day man survived – and all the other elements of the Earth. Finally, a description of a time to come begins to be woven: the Ragnarök, the end of all the gods.

According to the prophecy, all the gods will have to face a predestined catastrophe, a multitudinous battle between the righteous and the ancient forces of the universe that will end in total destruction. In this context a magnificent god will emerge who will perform a final judgment on all beings and all things. A new world will subsequently be created, and all the gods, including those who died in battle, will be reborn. Peace and happiness will reign, and those fortunate humans who have managed to survive will begin a new future.

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