Ursula Southeil, also known as Mother Shipton, was a fortune teller and prophetess born around 1488 in a cave outside the town of Knaresborough in North Yorkshire, England; the cave where Mother Shipton lived is actually the oldest tourist attraction in England. It has been open to visitors since 1630. Legend has it that her mother was a 15 year old orphan named Agatha. Ursula Southeil was born with a crooked nose, crooked legs and a hunchback. Ursula Southeil became known as Mother Shipton after marrying local carpenter Toby Shipton. She gained a reputation as an herbalist and for making potions, and was considered by some to be a witch. Shipton’s prophecies were first published in 1641, eight years after his death. A woman named Joanne Walker supposedly transcribed them.


Mother Shipton is said to have prophesied about numerous things, including the dissolution of the Catholic Church under Henry VIII. Now, let’s take a look at some of her other predictions:

1- «I know I am leaving, I know I am free, I know this will come to be, Secret this, for this will be Found by the later dynasty.» (I knew the prophecies would be uncovered)

2- «A horseless carriage will go, disaster will fill the world with woe. In London, Primrose Hill will be at the center of a sea of bishops.» (Trains, Automobiles and the Formation of the Church of England)

3- «For in those wonderful far-off days, women will adopt the fashion of dressing like men, and wearing pants and cutting off all their locks of hair. They will ride astride, as witches do on broomsticks now.» (Women’s Emancipation)

4- «Around the world, the thoughts of men will fly, swift, as the twinkling of an eye. And water will do great wonders, how strange, and yet they will come true.» (Telecommunications and hydroelectric power)

5- «Across towering hills will ride proud, horseless men […]. Underwater, men must walk, travel, sleep and even talk.» (Skyscrapers and submarines)

6- «And in the air you will see men, in white, black and even green.» (Modern Aircraft)

7- «And I find no remedy, for this is worse than leprosy. Oh, many signs for all to see; the truth of this true prophecy.» (Incurable diseases… or maybe COVID-19)

8- «In nineteen hundred and twenty-six build light houses of straw and sticks. For then mighty wars will be planned, and fire and swords will sweep the earth.» (Hitler’s planning for World War II)

9- «And roaring monsters with men upon them, seem to eat the green harvest. And men shall fly as birds do now, and shall give up the horse and the plow.» (Agricultural machinery and rural exodus)

10- «Thrice shall fair and sunny France be led into a bloody dance. Before the people are free, she will see three tyrant rulers.» (Napoleon I, II and III, and the French Revolution)

11- «Still greater sign is to be seen, as man approaches the last century. Three sleeping mountains gather breath and spew mud, ice and death. An earthquake swallows city and city, in lands unknown to me. And Christian one fights Christian two and nations sigh, but do nothing. And yellow men gain great power from a mighty bear […]». (U.S. vs. China and Russia)

12- «Then love will die and marriage will cease and nations will dwindle as babies dwindle.» (Falling marriage and birth rates)

13- «Then the world will be turned upside down and gold will be found at the root of the tree All the sons of England who plow the land will often be seen with a Book in their hand The poor will now know with great wisdom that Great houses stand in far valleys, all covered with snow and hail.» (The printing press)

14- «A fiery dragon will cross the sky six times before the earth dies. Mankind will tremble and be frightened by the six heralds of this prophecy.» (An asteroid or other celestial bodies will dictate the end of the Earth).

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